"Had my car aircon system re-gassed this week by Chris - I would suggest you don't    consider anyone else. Chris only had my car for an hour, he has excellent prices and you also have peace of mind that you may not get with other 'high street' businesses"

(JH, Sandbach, Cheshire)

"Chris repaired my Air-Con at the weekend. He had the car for three hours, replaced the condenser, re-gassed and also cleaned out the pollen filter and bacteria cleaned the system which was above and beyond the original job request. Thoroughly nice chap and very helpful"

(DB, Winsford, Cheshire)

"I recently had my air con re-gassed by Chris at CP Auto air conditioning. He completed the job quickly and to a high standard. He was very pleasant and polite and happy to answer any of my questions"


(JL, Macclesfield, Cheshire)

"Chris has just completed a condenser change and re gas on my car He is very conscientious, polite and his standard of work is excellent.

I cannot recommend him enough. I hope that someone else can benefit from his excellent work."

(AB, Tarporley, Cheshire)

When I was changing my van battery I managed to short circuit the electrics with a spanner, arcing onto my air conditioning pipe and making a hole, so that all the coolant leaked out. I was worried that this was going to be an expensive repair, not just re-filling the missing coolant, but replacing the pipe and possibly the whole system. Not easy for a 1998 Nissan Elgrand van, where spare parts can often be obtained from people breaking the vans and selling them on EBay.

On the recommendation of a neighbour I approached Chris Partington from CP Auto Air Conditioning. He is a F-Gas Qualified technician and covers Competa, Torrox and the surrounding area.

After inspecting the van, he was able to reassure me that the problem was repairable. And once he obtained the spare part needed to repair the hole, he repaired the system and re-gassed it in the time it took us to eat our lunch at the Pavo Real. A brilliant result, and very reasonably priced. Try him, for simple re-gassing or more complicated repairs, and I am sure you will not be disappointed.

(J S, Sayalonga, Spain)

I would like to thank Chris (CP Air Con) for the excellent service on my Volvo’s air conditioning today. It has transformed the system from being barely noticeable, to cold enough to send a brass monkey looking for a welder. Also, the nasty stale smell that was present has gone. It was a real pleasure to chat with you. I hope you did not grow weary of all my questions. There must be plenty of customers in this area and I would happily recommend you to them.

( D C, Torrox Costa, Spain)

Recommendation for CP Auto Air Conditioning: 

Hi Digamextra readers. I would highly recommend CP Auto Air Conditioning for re-gassing my car’s air conditioning today. The system was very smelly and barely working he did his magic and in 45 minutes it’s as cold as the Arctic and smells as fresh as a pine forest. All completed at my home on time and with no mess for only 45€
                                                                                      John and Jill from Algarrobo Costa

I would like to recommend C.P. Air Con
Chris re-gassed the air conditioning on both mine and my wife's cars. What a difference it has made. Friendly and extremely efficient service at a very reasonable price!
                                                                                                               Alun, from Cómpeta

A bouquet to Chris who re-gassed the a/c in both our cars.  The improvement is fantastic (50% better) and all completed at our home address, quickly, and with no mess.

Jeanette & Alan

I see that I'm not the only one to discover Chris at CP Auto Air Conditioning but feel that he is well deserving of praise and someone may see this who otherwise might miss him.

Sure enough with the hot weather here, the car air-conditioning has to be at its best and Chris is the skilled guy to go to if yours is needing servicing.

He knows his stuff, has equipment you will only see in Star Wars and being a male myself, I can only quote the 'Brass Monkey' analogy.

Perhaps there is a lady out there who has experienced the female equivalent and add weight to the recommendation.

You can find him up the hill near Pavo Real on the Torrox Competa road.

                                                                                                                                      Chris B


Others have already recommended Chris at cpaircon but we also would like to recommend him.  We went over to Chris' workshop on the Torrox/Competa Road to have our RAV4 air con re-gassed.  Chris was extremely pleasant and did a thorough job.  He has all the equipment and all the knowledge.  He emptied, cleaned it of air and moisture and re gassed it, all for a very reasonable cost, we are so pleased to have our car air con fully operational especially now the weather is so hot.

                                                                                                                               Mike Parker

A big thank you to Chris and a recommendation to use his service - he knows his stuff.

Chris also recommended the Pavo Real restaurant nearby for lunch, where we had an enjoyable and reasonably priced meal.

                                                                                                                               Jane Davies

I would happily recommend CP Auto Air Conditioning. Its that time of the year when we switch it on to find out it does not work as well as last summer. Chris has checked and serviced my cars air conditioning and its now working perfectly well. A good job at a very reasonable cost and that does me. He also refurbished the Headlights plastic cowling. I tried to do that myself but failed so its nice to see them back to clear again. Swing by his website he could improve your comfort.

                                                                                                                    David, Torrox Park


I would like to recommend Chris at CP Aircon for service and top up our cars air con . Chris was charming and very technically competent.

He is based just outside Competa but will travel. If you can go to him in his stunning home and workshop high in the mountains.

                                                                                                                                Jason Ford